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1 Thing to Help Your Brand Stand Out

  • Today, we'll each

encounter 6-10K ads-

information overload!

How can your brand

stand out?

It comes down to just 1 thing…

  • Brand positioning!

  • What is it?

Positioning is

like getting a seat

at a party.

Once a seat is taken,

you'll need to find

another one.

  • But once you sit

down, your customers

can find you.

  • The goal of it all?

You want to become

top-of-mind for

o your customers.

For example, when I want to buy

an electric car, what's the first

brand that comes to mind? Tesla!

  • How to find it?

1. Know your value proposition

The benefits of your


2. Know your customers

Deep insights from their

needs to their desires

3. Know your competitors

Know their value prop.

& customers

4. Discover a

"seat" that you

can claim, all for yourself

  • "The basic approach

of positioning is not

to create something

new and different.

but to manipulate

what's alreadv up

there in the mind. to

retie the connections

that already exist.”

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