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Graphic Design Trends

Five absolute must-follow graphic design trends for Summer 2022

Charging in line with what your time is worth

Instead Of Letting Someone Else Buy Up Your Free Time For Less Than it's Value

Making art for yourself

And Not Because You Think It Will Please An internet Algorithm Robot Don't be Ridiculous, Robots Don't have Feelings.

Spending time with other artists

Like In Real Life Ask Someone Out Fora Coffee Or To Go To A Waterpark And Get Wedgies On That Terrifying Sude You Thought Got shutdown In The 803.

Confronting the certainty of death

And Understanding That Your Time On Earth Is Finite And Every Moment Death Creeps One Step Closer But You are Too Busy Worrying About Client Feedback Or internet Likes Instead Of Spending Time Eating Spaghetti With Your Friends Who Actually Like You A Whole Lot

Yellow and blue color palettes

I Just Think They Look Nice And "Summery

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