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How to go viral on any platform

Would you like to discover the secrets of going viral on any platform?

Here's how you go viral on any social media platform of your choosing and no it's got nothing to do with camera quality microphone quality , or anything like that although it can help

First thing you need to know: Going viral is all about top of funnel marketing content. That means it's the begining of your customer journey. Where people first discover you. Which means your post can not be about selling heck your post shouldn't even be about your business technically. Content needs to be all about your audience so there are three specific rules that we live by when it comes to creating viral content for our clients

The content must be either controversial , relatable , aspirational or it can be a mixture of all three. There is no sales call to action. It's not about selling anything at this point

It has to speak to universal themes. Whether that's love and relationship success and failure adventure life and death or any of the other universal themes that we cover in the Birdcage Marketing School training.

Most importantly the content needs to be something that your audience actually wants to watch not something you think that they need to know .

For example, this blog right here is actually all about strategy but I didn't open my hook with this is the strategy , you need to know I owned it with this is how you go viral.Because that's what the majority of you care about. I'm meeting you where you are at holding your hand and taking you along the journey to show you what is you actually need to know and that is have a solid marketing strategy.

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