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How to Plan and Create Content

Not sure what to post? We’re here to help. 📅📲 In this Guide, you’ll learn how to plan your social media content and produce compelling creative in easy, low‑lift ways. Use the resources below to get started, or build on what you already know to continue capturing your audience’s attention. ✨

NO. 1 Plan your feed content Discover how creating content that engages, educates or excites your audience can help drive awareness and increase online sales for your business. Check out the post below for 3 tips on how to create a content plan for your Instagram or Facebook feed. ✍️🌎


NO. 2 Develop a consistent Instagram feed Creating a consistent look and feel for your Instagram feed can help you stand out from competitors while maximizing the benefits of social media. ✨ 🖼️ ✨ Check out how to make your brand more recognizable by establishing an aesthetic of your own, creating content in bulk, curating posts that inspire you and archiving content that doesn’t fit in.


NO. 3 Engage your customers through Stories Use Instagram Stories to promote your products and connect with customers on a more authentic and personal level. Here, learn how you can use Stories to create content that attracts and delights your audience, while still remaining true to your brand. 🙌


NO. 4 Build a DIY photo studio Want to start shooting product photography, but not sure where to start? Follow our step‑by‑step guide to creating a DIY studio and start producing high quality content from anywhere. 🛠️📷


NO. 5 Create strong product photography Stand out with strong creative. Learn how to photograph your products and capture your audience’s attention with these easy‑to‑follow instructions. 📸👚💄


NO. 6 Film yourself live Instagram Live can bring you and your customers together to create meaningful connections, no matter where they might be. Follow these tips before stepping in front of a camera to help ensure a smooth production. 🎥💫

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