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Starting From Zero Again on Instagram

If I Had to Start From Zero Again on Instagram

We all started from zero

If I had to do it all over again, I

would take what I've learned and

I would do the following...

I would choose a niche

• I would look at what I am passionate about and have experience in doing

• I would then research what people need in that niche industry and select what I am going to focus on

I would target industry leaders

I would search for industry leaders in that niche to study:

• What are they talking about and why?

• How are they engaging with their audience?

• When are they posting?

• What types of posts are they posting?

I would then build a content bank

• I would create 3-4 content pillars to focus my message on

• I would find a method to start jotting down ideas as I research

• I would focus on content to inspire, educate, and entertain

• I would also focus on content to attract, nurture, and convert people who visit my profile

Optimize my profile

• I would choose keywords I commonly see in my niche and use those keywords in my profile

• I would then build my profile to let my ideal audience know exactly what I can help them with and how being as specific as possible.

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