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Ways To Make Money On Instagram



Do It Yourself

E-Books, E-Courses, Templates, Checklists. People will

do it themselves after buying from you.

Done With You

1-1 Coaching/Consultations, Group Coaching,

Mentorships, Strategies.

​Done For You

Content Creation, Business/Page Management, VAs

Subscription Plan

Promote various tools/resources and get a commission.

Sell Physical Goods

Print-on-demand, dropshipping, set up a shop

on Etsy, etc.

Promote Brands

Promote brands/businesses/products and earn money.

Sponsored posts and stories is a great way.

Reels Bonuses

Get money creating Reels (invite only)

Live Badges'

Go Live, and your audience can support you by buying

fan badges (still in beta)

AR Filters

Create AR filters for brands/people and earn money.

Get Clients

Create content, get exposure, connect with others, build

an audience, and find/get clients.

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