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Brand Style Guide Template

By utilizing a Brand Style Guide, you can elevate your brand ahead of competitors and enhance its memorability. In this blog, we'll delve into the importance of brand design and how it can be a game-changer in boosting your brand's visibility and recognition.

What is a Brand Style Guide?

Brand style guide is a document that outlines the design rules around a particular brand. It generally includes the proper use of logos, fonts, colors and more.

Why Brand Style Guides are Important?

Every company has its own logo, icon, colors, fonts that come together and give a brand a unique identity. That identity is very important for brand recognition on a website, in a blog post, on social media, in an ad, etc. Imagine all the various customer touch-points and the ways in which your company me be mentioned or talked about. The more consistency there is across your branding the easier it becomes for customers to identify your company.

1. Brand Story

Mission Statement: Describe your company mission statement. It’s important that the product, marketing, and design reflect this.

Vision: Add a couple of paragraphs that describe who your user is and what the overall company vision is.

  • Logo specifications

  • Approved logo color variations

  • Clear zone (the designated area around the logo that must be free of any other graphics or typography to ensure the logo’s integrity and readability)

  • Minimum size of logo and placement

  • Alternate versions of logo (ex: horizontal or vertical orientation)

2. Color Palette

Include details for your color palette to ensure design consistency across product, design and marketing departments.

3. Typography

Chosen fonts with heading sizes (establishing hierarchy)

  • Headline Font Style

  • Regular Font Style

  • Caption Font Style

  • Stylish Font Style

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