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We are here with the most creative designs & solutions for you to win.



福 (fú), meaning "luck and blessing" in Chinese, enables us to add our dynamic energy to our customers and achieve success together.

We believe in sustainable solutions and solid customer relationships.*

Satisfied business partners, happy working partners...

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About us


   We are here for everyone to win in the advertising, media and commerce industry.


Agency FU, which is involved in every process of your large, medium or newly opened company, from company opening to selling in the international market, is the address you can trust for your digital and physical business.


    We provide many services such as corporate identity design, marketing communication, promotional film, digital advertising, PR.

Influencers, who now play an important role in marketing, aim to increase the sales of brands together with their customer groups and ultimately positively affect their profitability.  Agency FU,  With its sustainable business plan, it will be the new voice in branding and marketing.

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