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The way to convey your company and your vision to your customers in the best way is related to the shooting and editing quality of your company promotional film.

Shooting Planning

  • The items that the brand to be shot want to highlight, the regions are determined, the place to be shot is determined. Shooting planning is created with the information requested to be transferred to the customer / consumer.


Photograph, Video Shooting & Drone Shooting

  • More details about the brand / company are presented to the customer / consumer by making a detailed and striking shot with a professional team.

  • Aerial drone footage of your company / brand.


Editing and Montage

  • A 4-minute promotional film is edited and assembled, in which the shots are carefully selected and combined, describing the process from the production to the sale of the product.



  • A text is prepared that provides information about the history and target audience of the brand / company, the features of the products and their market places. The text proceeds in the same direction as the promotional film.


Voice & Jingle

  • The voiceover is done with an emphatic and reassuring tone.

  • The music to be used in the promotional film is carefully determined.


Promotion film

  • We create brand, company, advertisement, organization and fair promotional films.


Considering that the effect of promotional films shared on your website and social media is high in terms of brand awareness, you can contact us.

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