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Continuing Event Tracking After Facebook Policy Update

Continuing Event Tracking After Facebook Policy Update: Learn about the new Facebook policy changes. In our article discussing developments related to Pixel and Conversion API, find out how to continue tracking.

Facebook has announced upcoming changes to Facebook tracking (Pixel and Conversion API) which will affect your site. Each domain with a pixel or Conversion API must now be verified by Facebook, and can only track a total of 8 conversion events. This change is due to the release of iOS14. Learn more

To continue tracking events on Facebook pixel or Conversion API:

  1. Verify your domain on Facebook: This is a mandatory step. It's important to verify your domain as soon as you can to ensure that when Facebook enforces the policy changes that your tracking is unaffected. To verify your domain, follow the instructions here.

  2. Choose the events you want Facebook to track: Once you've verified your domain, you need to choose the 8 events that will be used for conversion tracking. If you do not select events, Facebook will automatically assign events for you. Learn How

Note:Facebook's Conversion API (CAPI) is also subject to iOS14 changes and is not a solution for complying with the new policy.

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