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Ways to Use Hashtags Correctly

Ways to Use Hashtags Correctly: Boost Your Social Media Success Learn the keys to harnessing the power of social media, with one of them being the proper use of hashtags. In our blog post, discover tips and strategies for using hashtags correctly. Increase your social media reach and establish more effective communication with your target audience!


On Instagram, some hashtags are banned, so make sure that this is something you look out for when researching hashtags!

You don't want to risk accidently using a banned hashtag and massively limiting the potential reach of your post!

There are many websites containing banned hashtag lists, and also ones that have 'hashtag checkers'. This can be a great way to make sure there isn't any that you have missed!

Using the right amount

Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post.

There are a lot of opinions circling online about how many hashtags to use. Some people say using all 30 is best, however others say stick to 3-5.

I typically aim for somewhere between 15-30 hashtags per post, enough to get good reach, but not enough to be spammy!

Consider the target audience

When it comes to the hashtags you select, your target audience should be at the forefront of your mind!

The main things to consider are your target audiences' location, age, and hobbies/interests.

Is there any age-specific slang/acronyms you can use?

Would you benefit from using some location- specific hashtags in your strategy?

Using a diverse mix

To ensure you get the best reach possible out of your hashtags, try to use a diverse mixture, including:

You could also branch out into other types of hashtags, such as branded hashtags and community hashtags!

Trial and error

Just like any other part of your social media strategy, your hashtag strategy needs to be regularly reviewed, and adjusted based on the results!

Part of the process is experimenting with different hashtag combinations, until you find what works for you!

You might not find what sticks straight away, but remember that if your hashtags aren't getting you any reach, this still provides you with valuable information to help you improve!

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