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Is your Instagram stuck in the past?

Is your Instagram stuck in the past? It's time to focus on new strategies to stand out in the rapidly changing world of social media. Here are three essential tips for 2023!

•Search engine optimization (SEO). Use keywords in your content, captions, and bio name/username to help Instagram know what your content is about and who to suggest it to.

•Value-driven content. Sharing posts that really solve a problem for your audience will help you stand out in even the most “oversaturated” niche.

•Community. Establishing yourself as the expert and building trust with your audience will help your account last longer than any trend or update.

​Instagram Then

Instagram Now

​Hashtags were the best way to search content

​Keywords are more important for SEO

Reels were the key to reaching new people

Reels, carousels, & single-image posts have reach

Captions didn't really matter

Captions with value & good SEO help with growth

IGTV encouraged long-form videos

Shorter Reels with longer watch-time get pushed

Heavy filters & editing were everywhere

People want to see the authentic you

Giveaways & quick grabs for followers could help you grow

A strong community is more important than follower count

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