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Use Psychology to Make Your Brand More Expensive

Recognisable Characters:

  • Outlaw

  • Magician

  • Hero

  • Lover

  • Jester

  • Everyman

  • You can use psychology to make your brand more expensive.

  • Use a Brand Archetype.

  • Archetypes of familiar characters. The already live in such a audiences of conscious mind to make your brand more expensive.

  • Tap into the ruler archetype.

  • The ruler archetype is most commonly used in the brands (Louis Vuitton, Tiffany CO, Hermes, Gucci). illustrate the rulers, drivers in the images and the words that you used and this is going to appeal to premium customers

The Ruler

Core Desire: Control


  • Power

  • Prosperity

  • Status

  • Wealth

  • Success


  • Weakness

  • Chaos

  • Insignificance

  • Poverty

  • Failure


To Demonstrate

Leadership & Superiority

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