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How to boost audience engagement?

Building an online community around your business can help you retain customers and acquire new ones. It’s also a great way to connect with your audience directly, and learn what they want to see from your brand. ❤️

Check out the resources below to learn how you can engage your customers with strong captions, encourage conversation among your followers and create entertaining, interactive content. 🎉

NO. 1

Build community on Instagram

Learn how to prioritize accessibility and encourage open and honest conversation within your audience. Here, the founders of beauty brand @glowrecipe share their top 5 tips for building and growing a community on Instagram. 🌍💕

NO. 2

Write strong, compelling captions

Are your post captions giving your audience a reason to stick around? Learn how to craft captions that spark interest and highlight the most important information upfront. ✍️

NO. 3

Discover fun ideas for interactive Stories

Stories aren’t just for sharing content with your audience — they’re also a playful way to connect and inspire. Take a page from @canva’s playbook to learn how you can use stickers to create fun, interactive content for your followers. 📲💬

NO. 4

Experiment with Reels

With Reels, you can put creativity at the forefront of your business by producing short, entertaining videos on Instagram. You can also edit your videos directly in the mobile app before sharing them, which makes creating them a snap. Learn more ways you can use Reels for your business and showcase your creativity. 🤳 💃🕺

NO. 5

Collaborate with creators

Did you know 61% of 18 to 34‑year‑old shoppers are swayed by creators? 🌟 Partnering with creators allows you to propel culture, set trends and drive tangible results for your business. Check out these 4 different ways you can harness the power of creators and turn content into commerce.

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