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How to use Reels and drive results?

Step into the limelight and become a creator with Instagram Reels. 🤳🤹� With reels, you can make short, entertaining videos to help people discover your business and products online. In this guide, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to get you started, along with ways to captivate your audience, drive sales, increase your brands exposure and more. Let’s get started! 🎬

NO. 1 Add text to your reels Adding text to reels ensures your content is accessible to more people, and it’s also a fun way to make your content more engaging. This tutorial with Facebook Creative Shop’s Brittany Johnson (@brittjohnz) shows you how to include and customize text to strengthen your brand’s communication.

NO. 2

Tag products to showcase what you’re selling

Make it easy for customers to discover and purchase what you’re selling by adding product tags to your reels. Join Lauren Kohli, Instagram Business Marketing Manager, for a quick step‑by‑step lesson on tagging your products in reels. 🛍📲

NO. 3

Make your reels entertaining

Our friends over at @creators shared their recipe for creating 🔥🔥🔥 reels. View their top 4 tips for producing the kind of content your customers crave.

NO. 4

Use the green screen to change your background

With the green screen effect, you can change your virtual background while remaining in focus for your viewers at home. Take notes from Lee McCall (@leethe4th) in the first‑ever reels School lesson from @creators. ✏️

NO. 5

Engage your community with Reels

Once you’re comfortable creating reels for your business, begin sharing them with your customers to further build your community. Take a quick look at these examples from Keash (@keashldn), a London‑based hair salon who uses reels to engage their customers and provide DIY tutorials.

NO. 6

5 tips for Reels

No matter what industry you’re in, Instagram Reels can help you ignite creativity and drive results. In this post, we share our 5 tips for businesses looking to get started with Reels. 🔝 5️⃣ ✨

Credit: @instagramforbusiness

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