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If I had to start from zero again on instagram

This year has been a year of personal growth, and that's been wonderful. 😃


This month I am celebrating getting out of my own way when it comes to selling on Instagram.🤩


You see, I have always thought of sales as pushing and convincing 😝


😏 I didn't want to convince anyone to work with me.


🙌 I want people to WANT to work with me.


🙌 I want to "skip to the good part" and start teaching and making a difference in the lives of my students.


And I have done this, I've figured out how to sell my services by being who I am naturally:

💖 Curious

💖 Eager to help

💖 Empathetic

💖 Patient


I have started doing these reviews at the end of each month to help me focus on all the things I have achieved that month – and also to allow me to look back and think about what I would like to achieve in the following month.

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